Our vision when we started Big Grains at May, 2015 was the same as it is today: To produce tasty breads & pastries that are healthy and creative, with the ultimate mission of making them easily accessible to the masses.


Creative Philosophy

Being able to balance technique and respect regional specificities will make quality bread & pastries. Having a “style” is a limitation because our imaginations are endless; we are in search of an edible art indeed.



“There are endless subjects involved with the art of baking. Knowing that I still have many things to learn keeps me hooked to the craft.  I have a chance every day to redeem the imperfections of yesterday's baking, I'm on a mission to create the perfect loaf of bread.”

Andrew believes that baking is all about the attention to detail and a perfect loaf of bread is made with the perfect combination of technique, ingredient, temperature and timing.

  • CIEH Level 2 Awards in Food Safety in Catering


Ma Douce creates innovative pastries based on French technique and regional ingredients. Our patisserier, Jeffrey, strives to pursuit the spirit of perfection. To him, perfection means using quality ingredient and applying the best technique to the craft. Jeffrey and his team are aspired to improve every day, yearning to bring you pastries of the highest quality.