The preparation of Big Grains croissant dough takes 3 days. Our croissant dough is mixed with French stone ground flour, then we laminate it with French fermented butter.


Baguette is made with the simplest ingredient: Flour, water, salt and yeast. But yet it’s the most challenging to master among all breads.


Our brioche is added with a variety of fillings, both savory and sweet. It’s very light, puffy and buttery.

Country Bread

The recipe consists of stoneground wheat flour, rye flour, levain and salt. You will feel a nice nutty, acidic tang when tasted. Rye flour is very nutritious; they are high in fiber and low in GI index.

T55 Series

Made with French T55 flour and a 16-hour Poolish preferment. These breads have a crispy crust, a light soft crumb and a wheaty aromatic tang.


A ring shaped Jewish bread that the dough is boiled for a short time before baking. It is also known as a popular bread in the US. Our hand-rolled bagels are chewy but soft. The dough of our bagels are vegetarian and low-fat.

Sweet Bread

Our sweet soft breads has a signature Big Grains’ flavor in them because they are specially fermented with Poolish, levain and honey. “Soft in texture, mild in taste” are what we are aiming to achieve.